Tulsi Vivah – Lord Vishnu’s Wedding

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  • ahwini

    Tulsi is the pure plant; Vrinda, having had sex outside marriage, remains pure!
    The patriarchiaal instinct demands that women be faithful to their husbands even when husbands enjoy other’s wives and live lustful lives. Tulasi as Vrinda was faithful to her husband but her husband always enjoyed with others’ wives. As a punishment and an irony, Vishnu performs sex with Vrinda. As a revenge to men, and an irony to women’s faithfulness, Vrinda as Tulsi will always be married to Vishnu. It also shows that women cannot be impure even after having sex with other men; an example of gender equality. Good work of Hinduism. You need to understand Hinduism in depth.

  • lalita

    Thank you for sharing the legend on Tulsi and Lord Vishnu. Please continue to post on other historical facts or legends on Hinduism. They are full of enlightenment and increases our logic of thinking. I hope parents are sharing with their children.


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003405432597 Ankit

      I very much eyeonjd reading your blog. It makes me feel happy inside and just smile.