“The offering of wisdom is better than any material offering, Arjuna; for the goal of all work is spiritual wisdom.” (Bhagavad Gita 4:33)

Observations on the Bhagavad Gita by Lisa Kahn
Reading these ancient words from The Bhagavad Gita this morning on a flight from Atlanta to Minneapolis, I was struck with inspiration. The goal of all work is spiritual wisdom? What a life-changing truth! Contemplating this deceptively simple statement, I had several revelations:

What is Spiritual Wisdom according to the Gita?

It does not really matter what the work is — at times we all get caught up, thinking that we should be doing something else, we should be following a different dream or muse, we are wasting our time, our lives, our energy…but the goal and desired outcome of increased spiritual wisdom is the same regardless. What a revelation! Perhaps we would be better served to channel the energy that is required to feel frustration at our work into expressing gratitude for the opportunity it provides for us to know and understand ourselves better.

Know Yourself

The work you are doing right now, the work that occupied your hands and mind right up to the point that you opened this page and read this post, is sacred. It matters little whether you were emptying trash cans, designing a space station, performing open heart surgery or changing a diaper. It is all sacred and all serving to help you know yourSELF better. It is there, pointing the way to your inner Divine — are you paying attention?

“The work you are doing right now is sacred!”

Can you find Wisdom through your work?

Finding the wisdom your work brings may appear to be impossible. However, if you take a few moments to quiet your mind, close your eyes and let go the tension that has gathered between your shoulder blades and caused you to squeeze your eyelids shut, you will find it there patiently waiting to identify itself to you. It may be more of a whisper than a shout, but you can hear it if you truly listen.

Not only is the purpose of your work perfect for this very moment in time, but it is custom tailored to suit you, which is why your path has taken you to the spot on which you currently stand. Discovering this purpose is wonderfully freeing, allowing you to let go of feeling angry or put upon or misguided or any of the myriad unpleasant emotions that surround all of us at work sometimes.

“Could we be happier if we change the work or the environment?”

Whom can we change?

How many times have you heard someone say “I hate my job. I would quit tomorrow if I could.” How many times have you had thoughts like that? The underlying assumption is that if we could change the work or the environment, we would be happier. Perhaps the greater truth is that the change that needs to be made for us to be happier is within ourselves. From a place of gratitude, a place of self-knowledge, a place of mindful understanding we can find truth and genuine happiness that isnʼt based on outside circumstances, but is rather based on true spiritual growth and the corresponding wisdom that is gained.


About the author:  Lisa Kahn is the owner of Kahn Design Group, an Interior Design company located in Naples, Florida. You can follow her on twitter or ‘Like’ her Facebook Page. This article was written by her on August 31, 2011.

Editor’s note: Lisa Kahn informs me that this is her first ever blog article ~ I am flattered that she chose to have it published here, and chose such a beautiful subject. Please encourage her to write more such articles by leaving her some kind words in the comments. As always, questions are also welcome. Thank you for reading.

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One Response to Is your work more important than you think?

  1. sanjiv says:

    On changing work/environment:
    – Never try to adopt others work/environment as that is always dangerous thing to do. Our work/duty, even though less glorious is suitable for us and would lead us to wisdom.
    – No work should be done without deliberation on end results. Work without wisdom is worthless.

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