The power of invoking Vishnu

The mere mention of Lord Vishnu can get rid of all our ailments. There is great power and healing conveyed to those who remember the Lord’s name with faith and devotion. Such is the strength conveyed in the following shloka which is found in the concluding verse of the Vishnu Sahastranaam (thousand names of Vishnu):

ArtA viShaNNAH shithilAshcha bhItA,
ghoreShu vyAghrAdiShu vartamAnAH
saMkIrtya nArAyaNashabdamAtraM
vimuktaduHkhAH sukhino bhavantu

आर्ता विषण्णाः शिथिलाश्च भीता,
घोरेषु व्याघ्रादिषु वर्तमानाः
संकीर्त्य नारायणशब्दमात्रं
विमुक्तदुःखाः सुखिनो भवन्तु

If he who is worried,
If he who is sad,
If he who is broken,
If he who is afraid,
If he who is severely ill,
If he who has heard tidings bad,
Sings Narayana and Narayana,
All his cares would be taken care of.

Literal Meaning of Sanskrit words

poison , venom , bane , anything actively pernicious (viSha, विष)

weak, feeble (shithila, शिथिल)

frightened, alarmed, terrified, timid, afraid of or imperilled by (bhIta, भीत)

terrific, frightful, terrible, dreadful, violent, vehement (as pains, diseases) (ghora, घोर)

one who is in mortal fear, say, after having seen a tiger (vyAghrA, व्याघ्र)

the present time (vartamAna, वर्तमान)

the act of mentioning fully in praise, celebration, glorification (saMkIrtya, संकीर्तन)

nArAyaNa, नारायण – the son of the original Man (with whom he is generally associated; he is identified with Brahma, ब्रह्मा with Vishnu, विष्णु or Krishna, कृष्ण ; the Apsara Urvashi is said to have sprung from his thigh ; elsewhere he is regarded as a Kashyapa कश्यप or Angirasa अङ्गिरस , also as chief of the Sadhyas साध्य)

will be released or set free (vimukta, विमुक्त)

the word (shabda, शब्द)
the mere mention of (mAtram, मात्रं)

uneasiness, pain, sorrow, trouble, difficulty (duHkhAH, दुःख)

a place of abode , mansion , home , house , palace , dwelling (bhavana, भवन)

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Audio – Aartha Vishanna Shloka (edited extract)

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5 Responses to Invoking Vishnu – The Protector

  1. Ravipati Sai Srinivas says:

    Invoking means knocking the door of god’s house

  2. Gopalkrishna Bhat says:

    What is the meaning of the first word `Aartha` in english ? That word is missed out perhaps!

  3. Invoking as an act is almost totally overlooked in this world.
    The power of the sound current is ours for the taking – the one necessary act is the invocation itself.
    Not thought.
    The Act of the Invoked Word.

    • kajmani says:

      Thanks for highlighting the difference between 'thought' and 'invocation'.

      The actual utterance brings great benefits to the one chanting the mantra. Different shlokas and mantras were created by the Rishis to affect different areas of the body.

  4. Rahul says:

    Glimpses of Divinity,
    Invoking Vishnu,
    It is quite clear and one must be sure about his/her cleanness on regular basis..
    By going through these specila messages from time to time, every one is benefitted
    by such a spiritual knowldege, which leads to a good way for betterment of day to
    day life actions.
    The Glimpses of Divinity is providinga vauable information on day to day basis is
    quite rewarding for every one to grow for a better and sure way of life tomorrow
    through spirituality.
    I wish all good success on regular basis to all the Glimpses of Divinity Org. and
    all their team members who render their knowledgable service to all mankind.
    with wishes,

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