This series of articles on the Vedas has discussed Agni mantras from the vedas and the highly venerated Gayatri Mantra. This article builds on the theme of Agni from the sAmaveda.

The verse or suktam presented below is considered a ‘great sequence’ or ‘maka-panktii’ (महापंक्ति) in the vedas – one that carries great significance and spiritual force with it, when chanted or spoken with devotion. It invokes the heavens to grant us strength. So we may be suffused with light as we become speakers of Truth.

May it bring glory to all those who read it, and particularly to those who speak it.

Yasho ma dyAvaprithvii
Yasho mendrabrihaspatii
Yasho bhagasya vindatu
Yasho ma pratimuchyatAm
yashasvii asyAm sansadaH
Aham pravaditA syAm.
sAmaveda verse 611

A flower for prayer

यशो मा द्यावपृथिवी
यशो मेन्द्रबृहस्पती ।
यशो भगस्य विन्दतु
यशो मा प्रतिमुच्यताम्
यशस्वी अस्याँ: संसद:
अाहं प्रवदिता स्याम् ।।

May heaven and earth make me glorious.
May Lord Indra and the wise sage Brihaspati make me glorious.
May I attain the glory of Divine Light.
May this great glory never abandon me.
May it never abandon my people
among whom I may be a speaker of the Truth!

Yash or glory to you in all your earnest endeavors, as you move forward with the Light of Truth!

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Do suktams or mantras have a role in your daily spiritual practice? Do share with us in the comments. Namaste!
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