About Glimpses of Divinity

Kumud Ajmani

Welcome to my blog – a supplement to my main site about Hinduism and Spirituality. The blog was created to address topics that are difficult to address on the main site, and to promote enhanced interaction with my readers. Everyday is an opportunity for each one of us to have a glimpse of the divine within us and within everyone around us. It is a gift that is available to us, but how often do we choose to avail of this gift? Are we too busy in our daily lives, dealing with our crises of the moment, to somehow ignore the divinity around us?! How can we invoke this divinity on a regular basis and remain in touch with it? These are some of the questions that I wish to find answers to, from my readers, through these pages. The main site and this blog are edited and maintained by me, Kumud Ajmani, with the help of input from all the wonderful readers from across the world – which includes you! Please have a look around, stay a while, and enjoy! Thank you for visiting. Namaste!