Ganesha Chaturthi Mantras – Part 7

Ganesha Chaturthi is celebrated on the fourth day after the new moon in the waxing portion of the lunar fortnight of Bhaadrapada (usually in late August or early September).

One way to celebrate the festival is to meditate upon the 108 names of Lord Ganesha. Each of the 108 names evokes a specific quality, power or blessing that Ganesha showers upon us. Each recitation of the 108 names can begin with the seed mantra which is formulated around the word gam – the bijakshara for Ganesha. 

Aum gam ganpataye Namah ॐ गम गण्पताय नमः

The seventh set of twelve (of the 108) names of Ganesha are given below:

Aum Ganaadhyakshaaya Namah ॐ गणाध्यक्षाय नमः

Salutations to the Lord of the celestial hordes

Aum Ganeshaaya Namah ॐ गणेशाय नमः

Salutations to Lord of all things

Aum Ganaaraadhyaaya Namah ॐ गणाराध्याय नमः

Salutations to the One who is worshipped by all the celestial hordes

Aum Gananaayakaaya Namah ॐ गणनायकाय नमः

Salutations to the leader of all the celestial hordes

Aum JyotihSwaroopaaya Namah ॐ ज्योति:स्वरूपाय नमः

Salutations to the One who is light Itself

Aum Bhootaatmane Namah ॐ भूतात्मने नमः 

Salutations to the eternal Soul

Ganesha 108 84c420

Aum Dhoomraketave Namah ॐ धूम्रकेतवे नमः

Salutations to the smoke-colored One – the remover of confusion

Aum Anukoolaaya Namah ॐ अनुकूलाय नमः

Salutations to the One who is favorable for all

Aum KumaaraGurave Namah ॐ कुमारगुरवे नमः

Salutations to the teacher of Kumar (Kartikeya – son of Shiva)

Aum Aanandaaya Namah ॐ अानंदाय नमः

Salutations to the blissful One

Aum Herambaaya Namah ॐ हेरंबाय नमः

Salutations to the beloved of his Mother (Amba)

Aum Vedastutaaya Namah ॐ वेदस्तुताय नमः ७२

Salutations to the One who had knowledge of the highest Knowledge (Vedas)

Happy Ganesha Chaturthi to all of you – may Lord Ganesha’s blessings always be with you! Please share Ganesha’s blessings with your friends and family!

vakratunda mahaakaaya / suryakoti samaprabhaa. / nirvighnam kurumedeva / sarvakaaryeshu sarvadaa.. 


वक्रतुन्ङ महाकाय / सूर्यकोटि संप्रभा / निर्विघनम कुरुमेदेवा / सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा