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  • Rahim on Love and Money

    This article follows previous articles about Rahim on practical spirituality, human nature and Radha-Krishna, and explores Rahim’s views on money and the nature of love.

  • Rahim on Radha Krishna

    Some scholars claim that Rahim was a devotee of Lord Krishna, despite being a follower of Islam. His love for Krishna resulted into some articulate piece of writings dedicated to Krishna. Krishna, the eighth son of Devaki and Vasudev is said to be the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu

  • Rahim on Human Nature

    This article explores some of Rahim’s writings on human nature and the eternal truths of life. It includes thoughts on forgiveness, anger, politeness, equality and practical life. Read more…

  • Practical Spirituality – Rahim on Human Nature

    Born on December 17, 1556, Abdur-rahim Khankhana popularly known as Rahim, was a minister and advisor in the Mughal kingdom of Akbar. Being a spectator of both the sword and shrewd politics played in a kingdom, his writings are about the fine line between the right and the wrong, the white and the black, caste…