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  • On Compassion – A brief note

    When they finally gather the courage to ask us for help, there is perhaps a very short window of opportunity for us to help them. Take the chance. Stick your hand out. Show them you care. They may decide to slap it away, your hand may get caught in the window as they try and…

  • On Service with Empathy and Compassion – Seva and Karuna

    The concept of compassion or empathy has a unique expression in Sanskrit – it is called karuna. I have been contemplating this word ever since a visit with Amma Karunamayi a few weeks ago. She had made a very important point about helping those in need – often called “seva”.

  • Swami Vivekananda – Real Worship

    Shiva is the master, and this world is His garden, and there are two sorts of gardeners here; the one who is lazy, hypocritical, and does nothing, only talking about Shiva’s beautiful eyes and nose and other features; and the other, who is taking care of Shiva’s children, all those that are poor and weak,…