The Nature of the Infinite

The nature of the Infinite has since time immemorial been the subject of examination for human beings, and the seekers among us. Who or what is this Infinite? Where does the Infinite come from? What is the extent of the Infinite?

“As the seed is in the plant,
as the shade is in the tree,
as the void is in the sky,
as infinite forms are in the void—
So from beyond the Infinite, the Infinite comes;
and from the Infinite the finite extends.”
– Songs of Kabir

Kabir suggests to the Seeker that the Infinite resides in the Brahma – known to some, as the creator (as part of the trinity of Hinduism).

“The creature is in Brahma, and Brahma is in the creature: they
are ever distinct, yet ever united.”

Sâdho, Brahm alakh lakhâyâ

This raises the question – how can we (the creatures) be distinct, yet united with Brahma? The answer perhaps lies in the relationship between the seed and the plant, the shade and the tree, the ocean and the wave… and so on.

Distinct, yet united. It is a beautiful reminder that we may be distinct, yet never alone. For when the wave realizes that it is indeed a part of the ocean, then it can experience the freedom and love. a freedom and love that comes from being – distinct, yet united.

What do you think and believe? Are we separate, or are we united with the Infinite? And if we are united, how can we experience this unity in our actions in our everyday lives?