Yoga of God Realization

In the beginning of Chapter 8 of the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna answers questions like – what is that Absolute? What is Spirit and what is Action? What is Matter and what is Divine Intelligence? What is that Indestructible?

All of these questions are asked by Prince Arjuna, who is struggling for direction on the battlefield of action. After answering the above questions, Shri Krishna addresses another important question posed by Arjuna:

How are You (the indestructible) to be realized at the time of death by those of steadfast mind? (Gita 8-2.2)

Bhagavad Gita 0802

The response to this question is given by Shri Krishna over several paragraphs:

He who departs from the body, thinking of Me alone even at the time of death, attains My state. There is no doubt about it (Gita 8-5).

Arjuna, thinking of whatever entity one leave the body at the time of death, that and that alone one attains, being ever absorbed in its thought (Gita 8-6).

Hence, Arjuna, think of Me at all times and fight. With mind and reason thus set on Me, you will doubtless come to Me (Gita 8-7).

Arjuna, he who with his mind disciplined through Yoga in the form of practice of meditation and thinking of nothing else, is constantly engaged in contemplation of God attains the supremely effulgent Divine Purusha (God) (Gita 8-8).

He who contemplates on the all-wise, ageless Being, the Ruler of all, subtler than the subtle, the universal sustainer, possessing a form beyond human conception, effulgent like the sun and far beyond the darkness of ignorance (Gita 8-9)

Having by the power of Yoga firmly held the life-breath in the space between the two eyebrows even at the time of death, and then contemplating on God with a steadfast mind, full of devotion, he reaches verily that supreme divine Purusha (God) (Gita 8-10).