Lord Vishnu is one of the principal Hindu deities (regarded as “the preserver”), and with Brahma (ब्रह्मा) “the creator” and Shiva (शिव) “the destroyer”, constitutes the well-known tri-murti ( त्रि-मूर्ति) or triad of Hinduism. The Vaishnava sect of Hinduism considers him to be the foremost deity, worthy of total devotion and reverence. This article discusses three mantras for Lord Vishnu – guru mantra, mantra for invocation and mantra for meditation.

Lord Vishnu as Guru

dhyaana moolam guruur muurti, pooja moolam guruur padam
mantra moolam guruur vaakyam, moksha moolam guruur kripa
om shri guruve namah

ध्यान मूलम गुरूर मूर्ति
पूजा मूलम गुरूर पदम्
मंत्र मूलम गुरूर वाक्यम्
मोक्ष मूलम गुरूर कृपा
अोम श्री गुरुवे नम:
Vishnu and Lakshmi on Shesha Naga

Lord Vishnu with Lakshmi
Photo is in public domain (courtesy Wikipedia)

Dear Lord Vishnu – please accept me as your Guru pupil or shishya (thanks @deshdaaz via twitter). As I meditate, reflect upon and think about my Guru (dhyaana-), it is equivalent to meditating upon the Lord himself. As I sit at my Guru’s feet (gurur padam-), it is equivalent to praying to the Lord himself. As I listen to the words and sentences (vaakyam) uttered by the Guru, it is equivalent to the mantras or utterances of the Lord himself. The pity, tenderness and compassion (kRipaa) shown by the Guru towards me is equivalent to being granted liberation or emancipation (mokSha) from this earthly life by Lord Vishnu.

Dear Lord Vishnu – I come to you humbly – please accept me as your pupil. I bow before my Guru again and again.

Lord Vishnu Invocation

sashankha chakram sakiriiTa kundalam,
sapiita vastram sarasii ruhe
sahaara vakshasthala kaustubhashriyam,
namaami vishnum shirasaachaturbhujam

सशंख चक्रम् सकिरीट कुंडलम्
सपीत वस्त्रम् सरसीरुहे
सहार वक्षस्थल कौस्तुभ श्रीयम्
नमामि विष्णुं शिरसाचतुर्भुजम्

Let me sing praises of the Lord Vishnu, who sports in His hand the Shankha and the Chakra, who is adorned with a crown (sakiriiTa) and ear-pendants (kundalam), who wears a yellow cloth (sapiita vastram) and whose eyes resemble a lotus (sarasii ruhe) –

Whose chest is beautified by many necklaces and the Kaustubha (a celebrated jewel obtained with thirteen other precious things at the churning of the ocean and suspended on the breast of Vishnu). Let me bow down my head before Lord Vishnu, the four-handed one (chatur-bhujam) who controls the four directions with his divine powers.

Audio – Sashankha Chakram – Vishnu Mantra

Lord Vishnu Mantra for Meditation

asheSha saMsaara vihaara hInaM, aadityagaM poornasukhaabhiraamam
samastasaakshim tamasaparastraam, naaraayaNam viShNumaham bhajaami

अशेष संसार विहार हीनं, अादित्यगम् पूर्ण सुखाभिरामम्
समस्तसाक्षिम् तमसपरस्त्राम्, नारायणं विष्णुंहं भजामि

Let me meditate on Vishnu – he who is ‘without remainder’, ‘entire’ and the only ‘perfect’ (ashesha) resident (vihaara hInaM) in this world (saMsaara)

Let me meditate on Vishnu – he who came to this earth as the son of aaditya (aadityagaM) in his dwarf (वामन) avataar (अवतार) – the one who is agreeable (-abhiraamaM) to give his worshippers complete (poorna-) happiness and prosperity (-sukha)

Let me meditate on Vishnu who is omnipresent (-saakShi) in all the worlds put together (samasta-) and who is the remover (-parastraam) of darkness (tamasa-) or dark tendencies. Let me sing the praises (bhajaami) again and again of Lord Naarayan or Lord Vishnu, the great one (-maham).

Audio – Ashesha Sansaar – Vishnu Mantra (edited extract)

Vishnu Sahasranamam (full version of vishnu mantras at amazon.com)


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8 Responses to Lord Vishnu as Guru

  1. […] us approach Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheswara as the guru. These three symbolize the three qualities (gunas) – Brahma is […]

  2. T.S.SUNDARAM says:

    I have already with me a few slokas of four lines each. I shall add these three to the same and recite daily. God, bless you . Thank you all very much.

  3. D.Rengarajan says:

    Thank you for your valuable E-mail.Very nice and peaceful.

  4. Akash Agarwal says:

    The illusion of doing or being the doer, of suffering or misery or joy is keeping us away from us. Is there anything but God, can there be anything but God? I am God too – this whole existance is a singular I – Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Me, You, Everything. The door is always open, but the doer is busy, can not see the door. I am the door, You are the door – there is just one truth – one singularity. It is possible to see the door, open your eyes and look inwards – because everything outside is also you. Hari Bol

    • kajmani says:

      Thank you for your thoughts – very well written. Very much along the lines of 'Aham Brahmasami' (अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि) – a concept repeated again and again in the Upanisads. Keep sharing :-)

      • Akash Agarwal says:

        What can be said that has not already been spoken – I am Vedanta, Upnishad, Geeta so are You – Aham Brahmasmi – Hari Bol

  5. Jagadish Prasad Manna says:

    Dear Souls,
    Informations are indeed worth acquiring. Infact, Shiva, the supreme soul, is always for good for his children, we the souls. Lord Shankara has been mixed with Shiva, the creator. Vishnu is the combined form of Laxmi & Narayan, the deities in Satyayuga, the era of viceless world. It is the deities (devatas) who laid the foundation of adi sanatan dharma, which do not exist now. We now have adapted the Hindu word to our religion as its name.The trimurti is the creation (rachana) of Shiva. It is Shiva, who transcends to this world under the grip of vices and takes the help of human body(Brahma) to impart the knowledge for winning over the vices and to attain the quality of deities so that on the completion of the cycle of the ‘sristhi chakra’, the qualified souls shall receive the pure body of deities in the next cycle. Regards to all readers.

  6. Juan Pena says:

    Thank you so much …….This is a beautiful E-mail……….

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