Lord Shiva, the greatest yogi and Lord of meditation, is revered in all sects of Hinduism, in all regions of India. It is traditional that every deity has a particular day of the week devoted to them and devotees observe a day of fasting and perform puja to the Lord on this day.

For Lord Shiva, this day is Monday or सोमवार. The particular puja for the Monday fast for Lord Shiva involves mantras, yantras and chanting.

image_1Wake up before dawn, take a bath and wear white colored clothes. Then, sit on a traditional prayer asana with an image of Lord Shiva and this yantra in front of you. Arrange some sandal paste, rice, white flowers, dhoop, diyas, dhatura fruit, bel leaves, black pepper etc. for the puja. Then, meditating on Lord Shiva, repeat the following shloka while offering flowers to the deity.

karpoor gauram karunavataaram, sansaar saaram bhujagendra haaram
sadaa vasantam hridayaaar vinde, bhavam bhavaani sahitam namaami

कर्पूर गौरं करुणावतारं, संसार सारं भुजगेंद्रहारम् |

सदा वसंतं हृदयारविंदे, भवं भवानी सहितं नमामि ||

After repeating the shloka and offering flowers, chant the Shiva chaalisa. At the end of the chaalisa, chant the ‘Om Namah Shivaaya’ mantra 108 times with a mala made of tulsi beads or white sandalwood.


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10 Responses to Lord Shiva Mantras and Prayers

  1. Ankur Sharma says:

    Plz keep ur blessings on me and my Family….

  2. Willie_dana says:

    lord shiva is also my god whom i pray to and the one i like.if you listend to his storys you want to now more and more look up more about him

  3. Kpapiah says:

    Can this prayer be done with other prayer beads other than that of which is mentioned above.and what sort of afst must one keep.and for how long or how many Mondays should one keep fast as per wish to be full filled.

  4. S.B.CHATURVEDI says:

    Lord Shiv is god of all gods.We should worship with full devotion and dedication May GOD SHIV bless all of the devotees.

  5. maliga reddy says:

    hi. thank you for your website it is with great joy to learn how to do prayer to lord shiva and other gods goddess i am a lord shiva devotee i be came a spiritual person after seeing lord shiva in my dream it was my gift from him he placed both his hand on my shoulder he is to great. thank you.god bless love maliga reddy south africa.

  6. D.Rengarajan says:

    worshiping God in any forms bring peace and happiness.

  7. shobleen says:

    i’m a hard believer of lord siv

  8. Ankit Agarwal says:

    this is a very good job. all persons should be read it.

  9. vishesh chandra says:

    Lets us try to sread more devinity of lord shiva and try to safe guard our Dharma and its Sanscriti

  10. vishesh chandra says:

    i want more

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