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  • On Faith and Seasons

    The seasons through the year often bring varied emotions to the front for most of us. It could be summer, winter, or the rains. Or it could be spring or autumn. Every season seems to bring its own colors, traditions, festivals, memories and moods which affect our spiritual nature.

  • My Conversation with the Divine Guru

    Every once in a while, when the digital stimulus from the virtual world (email, social networking, websites and more) becomes excessive, and I start feeling a little overwhelmed by it all, I make a conscious decision to “unplug” myself from all of it for a little while. One such occurrence happened a few days back,…

  • Practical Spirituality – Rahim on Human Nature

    Born on December 17, 1556, Abdur-rahim Khankhana popularly known as Rahim, was a minister and advisor in the Mughal kingdom of Akbar. Being a spectator of both the sword and shrewd politics played in a kingdom, his writings are about the fine line between the right and the wrong, the white and the black, caste…