On Faith and Seasons

The seasons through the year often bring varied emotions to the fore-front for most of us. It could be summer, winter, or the rainy season. Or it could be spring or autumn. Every season seems to bring its own colors, traditions, festivals, memories and moods which affect the outside world and the world within us.

All the seasons in India seem to be filled with celebrations and festivals ~ particularly late September through mid-November which includes Diwali (festival of lights) and many more. However, regardless of the season, there is one thing which perhaps remains unchanging, if we so choose to believe ~ and that is the Love of the creator for us, and all that he creates for us to enjoy in nature.

In this vein of His constancy of Love for us, I was inspired to write this brief poem which I share with you. I hope you enjoy it and it gives you a few moments to pause, reflect, and enjoy His love ~ no matter what ‘season’ your Life may currently be going through.

On Faith and the Seasons ~ A short poem

The Sun, the Moon, and all the sparkling stars
They shine on us all, with their love and their light.
He makes them shine, He makes them glow and twinkle,
So let’s have Faith in Him, whether day or night.

When Spring time comes, we all rejoice and dance,
In all of His renewal, in all of His glory.
The seasons may change, but His love stays constant,
If we only stop and listen, to His great story.

When Autumn is near, it may mean great change,
A time for getting ready, A time for making plans.
The harvest is near, He says enjoy the colors,
And accept victory or defeat, with trust in His hands.

As Winter comes, let us banish all fear,
Of the darkness that comes, in the coldness of the night.
We need to pay attention, to all His lovely stories,
Let’s give Him a chance, to show us His might.

All we have is today, let’s choose to make a difference,
Let’s not worry about trinkets, let’s remove all strife.
We ask many questions ~ Why am I here, what am I doing?
Let’s serve with compassion, maybe it’s the purpose of life.

The road may be rocky, our path may be twisted,
We may ask many questions, oh why me? oh why now?
His ways are mysterious, His reasons are varied,
If we take a step towards His light, He can show us how.

There is no reason, perhaps we can stop wondering,
Let’s open our hearts, and see His brilliant light.
The Sun, the Moon, and all the brilliant stars,
They’re always waiting for us, whether day or night.


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What ‘season’ is it where you live? Does it correlate with the ‘season’ that your ‘faith’ is experiencing? Do share with us ~ your message may inspire and encourage all those who read. Namaste.