We begin the New Year with a prayer to Lord Vishnu, the preserver and purveyor of all that is good for our body, mind and spirit. This four line shloka is also sometimes referred to as stuti – something which is said in the highest praise of the Lord.

Vishnu Stuti in Sanskrit

sasha.nkha chakraM sakiriita kuNDalaM,

sapiita vastraM sarsi ruhekshanaM

vishnu with serpent

sahaar vakshasthala kaustubhashriyaM,

namaami viShNuM shirsaa chaturbhujaM

सशंख चक्रं सकिरीत कुण्डलं,

सपीत वस्त्रं सर्सि रुहेक्षनं ।

सहार वक्षस्थल कौस्तुभश्रियं,

नमामि विष्णुं शिरसा चतुर्भुजं ।।

Meaning and Interpretation of the Vishnu Stuti

Let us sing praises (sakiriita) of Lord Vishnu – he who holds the conch (shankha), the spinning discus (chakra) and is adorned with earrings (kundalam).

Let us sing praise of the yellow (sapiita) clothed (vastram) one who is lord of the serpents. Apart from many kinds of weapons, Lord Vishnu bears (sahaar) the Kaustubha Mani (a gem named Kaustubh) on his chest (vaksha sthala. Let us bow before (namaami) the great four-armed (chaturbhujam) Vishnu and ask for his blessings!


Listen to the Vishnu Stuti (sashankha chakram) audio

Audio – Sanjeev Abhyankar – Sashankha Chakram Shloka (edited extract)

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5 Responses to In Praise of Vishnu – Sashankha Chakram

  1. Dheemanth says:

    Another correction. “sarsi ruhekshanaM” : sarasiruha means born in a pnd, which is lotus. Aksha means eyes. One whose eyes resemble a lotus. Nowhere it is said that “one who is lord of the serpents” in this shloka. Please do not post in your blog if you do no know the proper meaning.

  2. Dheemanth says:

    Sakirita means the one along with a crown(Kirita) and not praise, ‘sa’ means along with. Example saShanka is along with a Conch. Please correct it.

  3. Could you please let me know the source / origin book of this stuti, I need it for a certain research that I am doing.

  4. ANIRUDHAN says:

    Very useful and informative. Helping to learn more and more about the supreme power. Above all the recital of manthras purifies us.

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