The new moon day is called Amavasya (अमावस्या) and is observed as a day of fasting in many Hindu households. Since the Hindu calendar is organized according to the lunar month, Amavasya is the beginning of the new lunar month which last 29 days. Many festivals, the most famous being Diwali (the festival of lights) are observed on this day.

The importance of Amavasya is that it is a day of new beginnings. It is a time to discard the old (habits, thought processes, failures and negative influences) and embrace the promise of new ‘light’ that the new moon brings to us. The ‘dark’ side of the moon is revealed on this day as the moon completes its waning cycle of fourteen days. The ancients considered this day with a lot of fear and trepidation because they thought that the moon had been swallowed by the sun. The first day of the waning cycle is actually the full moon day, also called purnima. (पूर्णिमा)

The current phase of the moon can help us determine whether we are approaching amavasya or purnima.Amavasya and Purnima Dates for 2014 (all times are in Universal Time – add 5 hours for IST) (key: d=Day, h=Hour, m=Minute)

      AMAVASYA                         PURNIMA
      d  h  m          d  h  m         d  h  m          d  h  m
    Jan  1 11 14    Jan  8  3 39    Jan 16  4 52    Jan 24  5 20
    Jan 30 21 38    Feb  6 19 22    Feb 14 23 53    Feb 22 17 15 (Mauna)
    Mar  1  8 00    Mar  8 13 27    Mar 16 17 08    Mar 24  1 46 (Magha)
    Mar 30 18 45    Apr  7  8 31    Apr 15  7 42    Apr 22  7 52 (Phalgun)
    Apr 29  6 14    May  7  3 15    May 14 19 16    May 21 12 59 (Chaitra)
    May 28 18 40    Jun  5 20 39    Jun 13  4 11    Jun 19 18 39 (Vaishakha)
    Jun 27  8 08    Jul  5 11 59    Jul 12 11 25    Jul 19  2 08 (Jyeshta)
    Jul 26 22 42    Aug  4  0 50    Aug 10 18 09    Aug 17 12 26 (Ashadha)
    Aug 25 14 13    Sep  2 11 11    Sep  9  1 38    Sep 16  2 05 (Shravana)
    Sep 24  6 14    Oct  1 19 32    Oct  8 10 51    Oct 15 19 12 (Mahalaya)
    Oct 23 21 57    Oct 31  2 48    Nov  6 22 23    Nov 14 15 15 (Aswayuja)
    Nov 22 12 32    Nov 29 10 06    Dec  6 12 27    Dec 14 12 51 (Karthika)
    Dec 22  1 36    Dec 28 18 31                                 (Vakula)

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Listen to the Shaanti Mantra for cleansing your spirit and beginning your spiritual journey anew on this auspicious day of Amavasya.

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  • hasmukh jain

    I was born on 2024 jyestha amavasya 2 to 2.30 pm at Village Bali, Railway station Falna, District Pali, Rajasthan according to jain calendar.Please give me my exact Date of Birth according to english calendar.

  • veni

    any effect / problem if get married on new moon day?

  • uma

    is it good or bad if any body born on new moon day

  • savitree

    please do give me remedy

  • savitree

    if ever i born on an amavasia is there any problem

  • savitree

    please sent me amavasia on september 1967

  • Lata Foolchand

    hi i would like to do durga puja on the 27 of may but its amavasya as from the 20 of may but until what date i don’t know so cud you please help.Thanks

  • M Pillay

    i need your help please, im doing poridge prayer on the 31st of july..and i need to know if can slaughter on that day..



  • Arpana Devi

    Can I please get the exact timetable for amavasya and purnima dates for year 2011?

    • kajmani

      I have updated the dates for 2011. Namaste!

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  • alka

    Hi, Can you please help me, who belive in hindu relegion ,,, As my wife wants to do mundan of our doughter on karti poorima,,,on 21 November 2010,, your nice & helpful advice will be appreciated,,,

  • Latha


    I have a question here, our first anniversary falls on may 14th 2010, and since it being on a amavasya day, shouldnt we celebrate it. some people are saying that we should on the next day ie 15th, but want to know if celebrating on 14th is considered inauspicious. Can you please tell the start and end timing of the amavasya. We are living in US and it would be Eastern Standard Time.

  • mailga reddy

    hi thank you for your website. i am enjoying it. please can you teach me how to do tamil wedding from step one till it is over and also how to do prayer when one die but in english.if there is a guru can send it to my e mail address is you lots of love maliga reddy.

  • yogesh

    Hi, Can you please help me, who belive in hindu relegion ,,, As my wife wants to do mundan of our son on vaisakhi/baishaki,,,on 13 april 2010 and I came to know that from elders that vaisakhi is on 14 april this year and AMAWAS is starting from 13 april by afternoon,,, which makes me difficult to take decesion for mundan ceremony,, your nice & helpful advice will be appreciated,,,

    • kajmani

      If you are in the US, Baisakhi is on 13th April. If you are in UK/Europe/India, Baisakhi is on 14th April. You can check for finer details. Good luck!

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  • Vishala

    I born on new moon day. Any problem? if so What is the remedy

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  • maliga reddy

    hi thank you for your website it is the best i am enjoying every bit it give me good learning skils i am a spiritaul person but dont know lots of things on kamar and what prayer to do for the moon and other gods and goddess but i am learning from your web i am a shiva beliver and pray alot to him.thank you once again for your website.have a good day lots of love maliga reddy south africa.

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  • shilpa

    do send me intimations on amavasya’s and timings for 2008-09

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