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  • Buddha Purnima – An invitation to meditation!

    The full moon day in the month of May, also known as purnima or poornima marks Buddha Purnima. But this is no ordinary purnima, as it is observed worldwide as the day that Gautam Buddha achieved full enlightenment after years of meditation under the Bodhi tree.

  • Amavasya – Hindu New Moon

    The importance of Amavasya is that it is a day of new beginnings. It is a time to discard the old (habits, thought processes, failures and negative influences) and embrace the promise of new light that the new moon brings to us. The dark side of the moon is revealed on this day as the…

  • Significance and Observance of Guru Purnima

    The full moon day in the Hindu month of Ashaad (July-August) is considered extremely auspicious and is observed as a day to pay homage to, and celebrate the presence of the divine Gurus or teachers in our lives. It is an occasion to meditate on the Guru and also provides a unique opportunity for new…