Buddha Purnima – An invitation to meditation!

The full moon day in the month of May (May 21st 2018) is known as Vaishakha purnima or Buddha purnima. But this is no ordinary purnima, as it is observed worldwide as the day that Gautam Buddha was born (563 B.C) – some texts say that the Buddha achieved full enlightenment after years of meditation under the Bodhi tree on this day.

He walked away from a life of luxury, from all the wealth and comforts of being a prince, to seek true wealth and freedom, and eventual enlightenment.

The Buddha was once asked by a very skeptical person – “What have you really gained by all this meditation? I do not see any tangible change in you?”.

The Buddha replied – “Nothing. I have gained nothing”.

The skeptic continued – “So what is the use of this meditation?”

The Buddha smiled and said – “Well, I may have not gained anything, but I have lost a lot! I have lost anger, depression, ill-health, fear of old age and fear of death. So, now, you can decide if you want to meditate or not!”

Sacred Lotus

Enlightenment Lotus

This brief post is dedicated to the Buddha, those who are trying to follow his way, and those (like me) who struggle in their efforts at meditation. 

I may have not gained anything (via meditation), but I have lost a lot! – Gautama Buddha

Do you meditate? If not, maybe today is a good day to start – the Buddha will surely smile down on you!

Buddha Preaches his First Sermon

Buddha, preaching his first sermon (wikimedia)

Questions? Need a meditation technique? Please use the comments section. Namaste!

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Author’s note: The Buddha mini-story has been “miniaturized” from ‘The Dhammapada’ by Eknath Easwaran.