The full moon day in the Hindu month of Ashaad (July-August) is considered extremely auspicious and is observed as a day to pay homage to, and celebrate the presence of the divine Gurus or teachers in our lives. It is an occasion to meditate on the Guru and also provides a unique opportunity for new aspirants to be initiated in the spiritual lineage of the Guru. It may also be viewed as a day to rededicate ourselves to the spiritual path, as we take fresh resolve to study and follow the precepts of our Guru.

Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu
Guru Devo Maheshwara.
Guru Saakshaat ParaBrahmaa
Tasmayii Shri Guruve Namah.

The above shloka is known as the Guru Mantra – an invocation chanted in honor of the Supreme Guru who consists of a combination of the trinity of Brahmaa (creator), Vishnu (preserver) and Maheshwara (Shiva, destroyer). The shloka further says that Guru is saakshaat, in human form, a representation of ParaBrahmaa – the supreme, omniscient One. So, let us pay homage, with a deep bow, tasmayii to the Guru as we say – Shri Guruve Namah.

But what if one does not have a Guru, in physical form, here on the earthly plane? There are a lot of spiritually realized souls who are capable of helping to accelerate us on our spiritual journey. However, we are often unsure, or perhaps even skeptical of the role or the necessity of a Guru. So, how do we make that final leap to acceptance of a particular Guru?

If you follow a personal Guru, please do share your story – how did you bring yourself to take that final leap of faith, of acceptance? If you don’t have a personal Guru – are you looking for one? Or do you believe that you don’t need one for your spiritual journey?

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9 Responses to Significance and Observance of Guru Purnima

  1. subhadra bhat says:

    gurave namaha. not guruve namaha.

  2. Shakatttack says:

    Sai Baba,the guru who preached universal love…………those of you who were lucky enough to see him while he walked the earth will know what i am talking about. He has performed many miracles,one of which he did in my own family where he made a growing brain tumour disappear to the shock of everyone around. He has already saved the world from the nuclear disaster which was set to happen when the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan in March 2011. Sai Baba got progressively sicker after this happened and finally left his body on Easter Sunday in 2011. Like Christ,he died for our sins and also like Christ he was scorned and mocked by many but the day will come when everyone will know exactly who he was. Not long now hopefully…………his devotees cannot wait for the return of our beloved mother,be it as the next incarnation Prema Sai or not! Jai Sai Ram!

  3. M V RAO says:

    For leading life as per Religious norms one may not require a Guru, but if one desires  to embark on a  Spiritually journey then Initiation by an Enlightened Soul is essential. The Guru deciple relationship is pre-determined.In my case when I requested in 1983 a Monk to bless me with Initiation he said I would meet my Guru in the year 1999 and it so  happened that in the year 1999 Rev Swami Ranganadananda initiated me into Spiritual life.
    M V RAO

  4. On realizing that my 5 senses are only to gather vibrational information from what appears to be “Outside” my body and that it is my consciousness that creates what appears to be reality, it became obvious to me that everything is the Guru. It is the qualities of my attention that receive direct contact with my Guru. So, for me the Guru takes on “All Physical forms.” A rock, flower, animal, leaf, drop, or even a human being will show itself to me as The Guru. Therefore, I am never without The Guru. The Guru is everything including my “Self. It is up to me to awaken to establish Guru permanancy. OM Shanto Om  

    • AjmaniK says:

      Yes – we can learn from every thing and every phenomena in nature. However, I would propose that an enlightened Guru can accelerate the process of our learning :) Thank you for sharing, Ramani – Regards, Kumud.

  5. Audrey says:

    Yes  I have a Guru ,or Spiritual Mystic director. I have been blessed in my life and at the age of thirty two I  was first prayed with by this gifted nun,yes catholic.! over the phone and as she prayed I saw her in front of me.this was my first real spiritual experience.I am now fifty nine and she is still in my life.I also recently meet an Indian guru who is a wonderful blessing also.

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